Connect domain to Blogger

After successful registration of ccTLD domain (,,,,,,,,,, and ,now you need hosting to host website on the registered domain.For this, you can buy a hosting plan from different hosting providing company that charges you according to their plan or you can use free hosting available but i suggest you not to use such hosting because most of them have security issues and uptime problems.

Here I have shown the steps of connecting blogger from DNS but that is same as Cloudflare.


Connect domain to Blogger

As our topic is dedicated to connecting custom domain to blogger/blogspot so in this blog i will elaborate the stepwise process to connect .np domain to blogger. After complete registration of .np domain from merchantile Nepal, you will get user panel login.

1) Go to domain login panel

It is panel provided by merchantile Nepal which is an official organization register for .np ccTLD domain free of cost for personal and business purposes.

2) Update Nameserver of domain

Nameserver is pointed to a hosting company that hosts your site or blog. If you are wondering about how to update the nameserver follow the link( .
In Nameserver Zone update with the following information:
Primary Name Server: NS1.AFRAID.ORG
Secondary Name Server: NS2.AFRAID.ORG
Note: NS1 and NS2 are stabilization purposes.
if you problem regarding nameserver during the registration of domain then read this article.
Register domain


3)Create Afraid DNS account

After successfully updating of Nameserver, now you need to create afraid account and click on Sign Up! and fill the form. Activate your account with the link mailed on your email account. Afraid is the free DNS hosting provider let you fully manage your own domain. It is very very simple to use and work quite well. Once you are done then you are ready to start.
Afraid is the most reliable free DNS provider and since it has free and premium services.In the free account, there are certain limitations and you cannot add many records that ultimately used to create a subdomain in blogger.

4)Add domain to

After activating an affraid account now you need to add your domain to your affraid account. After that click on “Domains” on the left sidebar. You will find “Add Domain” on the page somewhere. This is the place where you are going to add your domain to work. So click on “Add Domain” and you will be redirected to their domain manager.

On Afraid domain manager type your registered .np domain. If you want to share your domain in public then keep it public else select the Private options from the drop down menu. I prefer to keep it private. Now submit the form. You will be redirected to Addition Success! page with the message ‘Domain has been added to the system.’. You have to wait for few days until your domain propagates to DNS Nameserver. It may take 2 working days or a week sometime.

5) Configure Domain to Blogger

When the health indicates ‘active’ then click on ‘manage’ and after that you will see following defult configuration and all you need to update the existing configuration.To update click on naked domain ( and update A Records:
IP address for Blogger:







6)Set domain to blogger

This is the last step of connecting domain to blogger. Go to blogger and create account with your gmail account .After that create blog with primary name like and after that go to general setting and add third party custom domain that you have registered as and after adding you will see step 2 photo ( Copy marked 2 records and add that to Cname records as subdomain and destination)
Visit the page to  register domain in nepal

Here is the detailed blog about connecting the domain to blogger using Cloudflare