Earn from Affiliated marketing in Nepal

Affiliated marketing in the world is very popular nowadays. Affiliated marketing can be used as full-time income or part-time depending upon the market and its value. Many people in the world treat affiliated marketing as a very easy way to earn online. But in the context of Nepal, many bloggers have not enough knowledge about affiliate marketing. Most of the blogger of Nepal has believed that the only Adsense is the source of earning in the online world. They rather search about alternatives of Adsense but they do not search about affiliate marketing.
But in fact, affiliate marketing is the backbone for any blogger nowadays because you cannot earn as much money as you can earn from affiliate marketing. And you shouldn’t struggle as much as you should struggle for approval of Adsense. Even after approval of Adsense account, you always have to take care of policies of Google Adsense. If you miss, you will lose your Adsense account and always have an extra burden about it.

Affiliated marketing in Nepal

Affiliate marketing is a source for making money online with zero investment. Affiliated marketer’s acts as a mediator between buyers and sellers. Affiliated marketing does not need well-established blogs rather it need a passion for that. You can start affiliated marketing without having websites, sounds funny but it’s true. Affiliated marketing network do not a compulsion for owing websites or blogs.
Affiliate Marketing campaigns have the best results when they are combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, email marketing support and are well-suited for travel, retail, and service industries due to their timely research process/large-volume sales.In Nepal, much online shopping has been launched and they lack a target audience(link) and due to the lack target audience, they have launched affiliated programs to drive sales and enhances their business.In Foreign nation, most of the start up business are boosted by the affiliate marketing.
In Nepal,this concept is increasing day by day. Generally, company related to internet services like Web Hosting Company, Domain registration, Web designing company, etc has been practicing affiliated marketing concept. In coming days affiliated marketing will rule on the market. Online Shopping site will be adopting the strategy of affiliate marketing to increase sales and competition will be high.

  • How the Loop of Affiliated Marketing Works?

    The loop of affiliate marketing is simple. Affiliated marketing has three major components, here is the flow diagram :

Here the flow diagram which indicates that affiliate marketers are the king in this loop and one should be loyal to a visitor, so that visitor will buy such products. So to become good affiliated marketing influencer one should earn the trust of visitor.For instance, you run a blog about technology and tech reviews, then you should first provide good reviews and information about technology and impress visitors towards your blog and when visitor starts to give good feedback and interacts with your blog then only provide the affiliated marketing products links so there is high chance that visitor will buy that product. Be careful that one’s you lose trust from the visitor , you will never regain it.

  • Basic things before starting affiliated marketing

Before starting affiliated marketing you should have sound knowledge about social media marketing, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you do not have a blog then you use social media to reach target buyers. But having blogs or website add some extra values to your business and helps in branding.
Email marketing helps you to publicize the products to your users and it helps to connect to the buyer more closer whereas SEO in affiliate marketing is most important. With the help of SEO,you can increase the visitor to the sites that may convert to buyers.

  • Types of Affiliated marketing 

Most of the affiliated marketing models are based on CPS (Cost per sell) that means when your traffic converts as a buyer then only you are paid otherwise not. Some of the types of Affiliated marketing generally available are

CPA ( Cost Per Action) – CPA i.e when your visitors click on your affiliate link and do some action like downloading, installing, sign up, the online survey then you will receive revenue.