Fastest Cloud Hosting Provider in Nepal

Nepal best LiteSpeed web hosting provider

Prabhu Host provides the best litespeed web hosting in Nepal. Our load balancer cloud hosting is inbuilt with LiteSpeed cache technology and SSD storage which can increase the speed up to 20x faster without changing the single line of code and plugins.
Apart from this, Litespeed plugin is also available for WordPress and by using a plugin webmaster can control cache and purge cache.
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Litespeed Cache uses the advanced Edge Side Includes (ESI) of the latest LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise 5.0 to punch holes in pages where information changes from visitor to visitor. The remaining content is saved to the cache. When the next person visits the same page, the cached content is served quickly, with only the holes needing to be filled in with data for that visitor.
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LiteSpeed Caching + SSD disks = 16x faster websites
All our hosting packages utilize LiteSpeed, blazing-fast memory caching to speed even the busiest website with no code changes needed. Combine this with our fully 100% SSD disks for both files and MySQL, you’ll experience superior performance for your website.
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Firewall, DDoS protection + CloudLinux as standard.
We spare no cost ensuring our client’s websites are kept secure, plus we run regular virus & malware scans and keep our servers patched/updated.
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All our staff are incredibly talented individuals who love what they do, working as a team always, we aim for swift resolution to any questions/issues.


Sub Domain includedYes
Disk space1GB-20GB
SupportOnly Forum/Knowledge Base
Max website allowsSpecified
Max Email accountsUnlimited
Uptime & SpeedGood
Categorized as Cloud